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  • On hunkering down in the winter — a guest post by Nan Sanders Pokerwinski

    Nan Sanders Pokerwinski weighs the winter options: Stay in and make progress on projects she’s been itching to get into or go enjoy activities with friends?

  • The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success: #3, The law of karma

    Deepak Chopra tells us that everything that is happening in this moment is the result of the choices we’ve made in the past.

  • The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success: #2, the law of giving

    Deepak Chopra says giving and receiving are part of the same action. If you want to receive more, you have to give more.

  • A Guide to Dealing with Dissatisfaction with Ourselves: Reblog from Zen Habits

    I used to think, as many people do, that if we’re unhappy with ourselves, we’ll be driven to get better. And if we were all of a sudden content with ourselves, we’d stop doing anything.
    I no longer believe this.

  • The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success: #1, the law of pure potentiality

    Seven Spiritual Laws has been such a touchstone for me that I’m going to recap each of these laws over the coming weeks. The first law is pure potentiality.

  • Resolve to build your social connections

    spaghetti dinner at Chez Newveau December 2016

    How can you prioritize making and maintaining friendships? Is there something you’re doing that you could ditch to make room for friendships, or could you make better use of downtime? Can you combine socializing with something else that’s already on your calendar?

  • Tony Marceda manages his anxiety with herbal supplements and yoga

    Tony Marceda anxiety tattoo

    Tony Marceda shares a deeply personal story of learning to manage his anxiety and panic attacks in a way that leaves him feeling like himself.

  • Allison Tray finally gets some sleep after tackling her insomnia

    Allison Tray writes: I did something really radical: I decided that I did not have a sleeping problem. I used the power of my thoughts to convince myself that as a living creature, I required sleep and it was going to happen.

  • Can we treat our country like the first Thanksgiving dinner table?

    This is how I was taught Thanksgiving began, with pilgrims and Native Americans sharing a harvest feast.

    Think about the origin story of the first Thanksgiving: When white people showed up in a place Native Americans already inhabited, the natives showed the immigrants how to survive, then celebrated their success.
    We travel great distances to eat turkey with our families around this tradition built on unity, not division.

  • Personal trainer Julia Collins changes her own approach to wellness

    Julia Collins working out at her gym, Ypsi Studio.

    Our friend Julia Collins has long lived a life focused on health and fitness — she runs a boutique gym in Ypsilanti, Michigan, and serves clients as a personal trainer. But heading into menopause prompted Julia to revamp her approach to her… Read More ›