goal setting

What did you do this year that surprised you?

Lately I have been marveling at my friends’ capacity to surprise me. Which makes me so happy! When I love someone and I think I’ve got her figured out, it’s a joy to be reminded that humans have infinite potential to change and evolve.

Vision boards can take many forms

Artist Rick Midler hand painted a pair of pants for me, after interviewing me about what I love and what I’m passionate about. The design reflects my values.

How is 2014 treating you? And how are you treating it?

We’ve just passed the halfway point of 2014 — how is the year going for you? Are you following through on your ambitions for the year?
For our new year’s card this year, we provided a range of verbs we felt showed actions of improving your life, including several pairs of actions: start and quit, commit and release, host and visit, save and give.