life goals

Make real resolutions, not empty promises, this year

Set yourself up to succeed this year by not trying to make too many changes at once, by focusing on your goal but not giving up if you slip, and by remembering why you want to make the change.


How to take the suckiness out of January and get your groove back: Guest post by Katie Goodman

What seems like a good time to reassess can also bring us to a screeching halt, energy wise.
If you are assessing EVERYthing too much (if you’re not sure, just ask your spouse or best friend who will happily tell you if you are!), you might find you are only ruminating and getting nowhere fast. A better way to get a grip on whether your life is heading in the right direction is to try a few exercises.

How is 2014 treating you? And how are you treating it?

We’ve just passed the halfway point of 2014 — how is the year going for you? Are you following through on your ambitions for the year?
For our new year’s card this year, we provided a range of verbs we felt showed actions of improving your life, including several pairs of actions: start and quit, commit and release, host and visit, save and give.